East-E project successfully finished

[Bratislava, Slovakia, 31 December 2020]  ZSE and GO4 of Slovakia, E.ON CZ of Czechia, and HEP of Croatia successfully accomplished all actions and milestones of the East-E project. The project was part of a global action aiming at the electrification of roads in cohesion countries by providing a continuous open network of fast chargers for electric vehicles.
The key focus was to deploy 62 multi-standard fast chargers along four core network corridors (Orient East Med, Baltic – Adriatic, Rhine – Danube, Mediterranean) including multimodal points such as bus and train stations.

Some other interesting facts about the East-E project:

  • Total investment reached some 5.95 M €
  • 10.8 MWh charged per month at each site
  • Battery Storage System tested to support the EV charging and provide flexibility for the energy market

During the entire project, ENAIRGY delivered wide scope of consulting services focused on the charging network planning and evaluation, development of the business models and piloting of Battery Storage System and planning of a large-scale infrastructure rollout.

Find more information about the project at http://east-e.eu