Planning of EV fast-charging locations in Slovakia (Project Fast-E SK/CZ)Electric Mobility

For ZSE Slovakia, a member of E.ON Group and e-mobility service provider, the objective was to plan and develop a consumer-driven EV charging network and deploy 14 DC fast chargers along the TEN-T corridors, ensuring full interoperability and interconnectivity to network of networks in neighbouring countries.


The Operator needed to develop a network development criteria and select charging sites with consideration of traffic development scenarios, consumer requirements and business needs. Available grid connection and planning of inter modality hubs needed to be taken into account.


The outcome of work comprised planning methodology, a set of selected locations with sufficient number of back-up sites. The intermodal aspects of fast charging network was evaluated and considered for quick charger installations. The part of the support included also evaluation of consumer expectations and competitive service offerings relevant for the EV charging network planning. The gradually deployed EV charging network at urban and long-distance travelling sites is visible on the map of ZSE Drive service.

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