With our long-standing expertise in electric mobility and clean energy, we help the clients to understand the potential and harness full yield from their business case. We understand that our future should enable intelligent, innovative and green solutions, energy savings and long-term sustainability.

Our expertise

Market intelligence
and analytics
Government and
regulation aspects
Product development
and marketing strategy
Project management
and implementation

Company history

  • 2020

    Development of a multi-country Assessment and Full Network Rollout Plan

    ENAIRGY evaluates the market and develops EV Roll-out Plan for e-mobility markets in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia

  • 2019

    Launch of a pilot testing for battery assisted fast charging and smart charging

    ENAIRGY is responsible for running the pilot testing for ZSE with the external battery to support multiple DC fast chargers and the pilot testing of urban smart charging with AC chargers

  • 2018

    Development of an Electric Vehicle Roll-out Master Plan

    ENAIRGY develops its first EV Roll-out Master Plan to trigger market acceleration of e-mobility in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

  • 2017

    First customer survey for e-mobility

    ENAIRGY delivers its first survey and analysis on consumers’ behaviour, preferences and segmentation in the e-mobility market

  • 2016

    Development of a Comprehensive Network Plan for electric vehicle charging infrastructure

    ENAIRGY delivers its first comprehensive methodology for the electric vehicle charging network followed by development and complex evaluation of charging locations

  • 2015

    Development of an Analysis of synergies between e-mobility and green energy

    ENAIRGY delivers its first analysis and evaluation of potential synergies between electric vehicles, renewables and distribution grid

  • 2014

    Launch of a first e-mobility project co-financed by Trans-European Transport Network

    ENAIRGY contributes to the development followed by multi-year project implementation of its first EU-funded project (Central European Green Corridors) focused on deployment of public EV fast charging infrastructure in CEE-countries incl. Slovakia

  • 2013

    First efficient indoor lighting project

    ENAIRGY delivers its first indoor LED lighting project

  • 2012

    First efficient outdoor lighting project

    ENAIRGY delivers its first outdoor LED lighting project

  • 2010

    Austrian Ecowind buys into ENAIRGY

    ENAIRGY receives a second Austrian shareholder (ECOWIND Handels- & Vartungs-GmbH) to strengthen its competencies in the wind park development

  • 2008

    First Environmental Impact Assessment for wind park

    ENAIRGY receives its first final EIA decision for 22 MW wind park after comprehensive assessment incl. multi-year wind measurement, birds monitoring, landscape evaluation and social impacts evaluation

  • 2006

    Foundation of ENAIRGY

    ENAIRGY founded as a subsidiary of Austrian ENAIRGY Windenergie GmbH with focus on the wind park development in Slovakia

Looking for first-class consultants in electric mobility or clean energy?

Patrik Krizansky

Patrik manages all activities of ENAIRGY since its foundation in 2006. He has 15 years of experience in renewable energy and clean mobility sector. He is an innovation and technology enthusiast with strong environmental awareness.

In his career, he contributed to the development of government and municipal strategies and roadmaps for renewables, clean mobility and smart city.

For private businesses, he conducted market research and analytics and prepared go-to-market and roll-out strategies. He led the project development and project management to deploy the on-shore wind parks.

Patrik received his MBA degree from the Carlson School of Management (University of Minnesota) and Wirtschaftsuniversität Vienna (WU Wien). He also holds a master degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy. He co-founded and chaired Slovak Wind Energy Association and co-founded and currently chairs the Slovak Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA).