Innovative services in EV charging and synergies of green energy in mobility (CEGC project)Electric Mobility

For Schrack Technik, CEGC Project partner, the objective was to review the consumer and market-driven approach for EV charging network deployment and evaluate the synergies of green renewable energies in transportation.

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Which approach is the most efficient for the acceleration of EV market uptake and which are the innovative services for EV charging? What regulatory framework would support the growth of the electric mobility in the EU? How can a stakeholder in the energy industry develop EV charging services?


We provided consulting support in all areas and challenges, including the market synergies between e-mobility and hydrogen transportation, synergies between EVs and the energy sector, considering the future development of smart grids. The other focus was also evaluation and recommendation for the regulatory framework to support the integration of electric mobility into transportation systems.

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