Roll-out Master Plan for E-mobility Service Providers (Project Fast-E SK/CZ)Electric Mobility

For ZSE Slovakia and E.ON Czech Republic, both members of E.ON Group and e-mobility service providers, the objective was to analyse and outline further expansion of the EV fast-charging infrastructure and its market integration in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


Both Operators needed to summarise and evaluate all important aspects relevant for the mass market e-mobility services and offerings. The roll-out strategy and planning, as the final outcome of the Fast-E SK/CZ project, needed to consider current and future business operation, feasibility of various e-mobility use cases and regulatory environment.


The developed Roll-out Master Plan provided extensive answers in the following areas and aspects:

  • standards, business model alignment and interoperability including business offerings, station design and hardware standard, best practice for ICT and connectivity standards;
  • customer behaviour and preference to specify technical and business approach;
  • recommendations for market integration and acceleration in markets in Slovakia and the Czech Republic;
  • recommendations for policy makers on European, national and regional levels.

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