Electric vans for urban and sub-urban logisticsElectric Mobility

For GreenWay, an e-mobility service provider, the objective was to analyse the use cases and economic aspects of logistics services with electric vans and compare the viability of two methods for EV charging – fast charging through the DC charging stations and battery swapping at designated swap stations.


What are the use cases of electric vans that are utilised for urban and sub-urban logistics?  What are the customer driving patterns and behaviour of the logistics operator’s employess? What are possible business models for battery fast charging and battery swapping? What are the total costs of ownership (TCO) for logistics services with electric vans vs. ICE vans? What is the economy and the main costs/benefits of battery swapping vs. EV charging?


The outcome comprised of consulting services and a Study which provided answers for all challenges incl. covering other aspects such as the ways of planning and optimising routes of electric logistics vans, analysis of consumer behaviour, review of technical and economic aspects of the e-logistics business and respective EV charging and comparison of the cost efficiency for both charging methods.

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