Smart Metering/Smart Grid conference on e-mobility and batteries

[Bratislava, Slovakia, 2 December, 2019] Patrik Krizansky, managing partner of ENAIRGY and director of the the Slovak EV Association (SEVA), hosted the panel on the New Energy Solutions at Smart Metering/Smart Grid conference in Bratislava. The panel of experts included representatives from E.ON CZ, InoBat or GreenWay Infrastructure and covered topics such as energy storage, e-mobility and innovative energy-related business models.

Key take away from the panel discussion:

With the EU Clean Energy Package, Slovakia will become part of wider open market with flexibility services, aggregators, cross-border auxiliary services and smart charging used for flexibility market. Slovakia needs to change the conservative approach and create room for innovative Slovak companies to compete in the region. We need to push on Energy Regulator URSO for new progressive secondary regulation, introduction of new rules for the grid-scale batteries and for more renewable sources that are already economically feasible.