Interview with Elias Poyry on V2G technology

[Bratislava, Slovakia, 15 November, 2019] Patrik Krizansky, managing partner of ENAIRGY, attended European Utility Week 2019 where he interviewed Elias Poyry from Virta, a leading Finish provider of e-mobility solutions. The focus of this interview, conducted for SEVA, Slovak Electric Vehicle Association, was to introduce the Vehicle-to-Grid technology launched by Virta this year.

Virta provides charging infrastructure backend system also for E.ON Group, a European utility and energy retailer, including the operation of full-scale backend system for ZSE, a Slovak subsidiary of E.ON. ENAIRGY supports ZSE and runs pilot testing of urban smart charging use cases, and in this respect, Virta backend plays a major role in smart management of the charging process. The key focus of ENAIRGY’s services is the formulation of technical requirements and design, real-life testing of the use cases, evaluation of energy-related regulation and review of potential business models. ENAIRGY also supports ZSE with pilot trial focused on deployment of the local storage in combination with EV fast and ultra-fast charging.

Virta’s V2G solution allows for discharging of electric vehicles and for providing of flexibility from their batteries. This energy can be then smartly used within a family house or with larger numbers of EV batteries, even for providing of aggregated auxiliary services to the DSO, TSO and other energy market stakeholders.