Local storage with EV fast and ultra-fast charging – Pilot testing (Project Next-E)Electric Mobility

For ZSE Slovakia, a member of E.ON Group and e-mobility service provider, the objective is to design, run and evaluate a pilot test of the local storage with the fast/ultra-fast charger for long-distance traveling use cases.

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The Operator needs to formulate technical requirements for the local storage system with the fast/ultra-fast charger, design the system, conduct the sourcing of hardware and software. ZSE also needs to design testing use cases, calculate the business case and evaluate the business opportunities and solutions to utilise battery-assisted charging in energy market (in terms of regulatory environment, market opportunities and technical solutions).


The ongoing support provides assistance to meet all discussed challenges, develop and evaluate technical solution for the battery-assisted charging and define the useful use cases incl. business case calculation. The real-life pilot testing will be conducted until 2020.

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