EV chargers’ deployment model for City of Bratislava

[Bratislava, Slovakia, February 20th, 2019] ENAIRGY presented the deployment model for the EV charging network in urban area of Bratislava. The main audience was the municipal leadership headed by the deputy mayor responsible for the transport and the leaders of the city districts.

ENAIRGY developed a complex statistical modeling strategy based on the available geographical data in three layers: by dividing the 17 city neighborhoods to 1km grid cells and then to over 37,000 cells (raster 100×100 m). All layers were then reviewed in a thorough evaluation based on multiple criteria.

This detailed model becomes the basis for the data-driven decision making on where to deploy the urban chargers to serve the customers and promote electric vehicles. By the end 2020 as part of the pilot, ZSE (E.ON Slovakia) and the City will be deploying at least 50 AC and 5 DC chargers and launching new mobility services in Bratislava as part of the CEF-funded project URBAN-E. ENAIRGY delivers consulting services for the project in charging network planning and piloting of urban smart charging.