ZSE introduced new e-mobility services

ZSE Slovakia, a member of E.ON Group, our long-term customer, has introduced new e-mobility services and customer plans branded as ZSE Drive. This step is the result of multi-year implementation of several e-mobility projects and long-term testing of charging infrastructure and use cases. ENAIRGY has been part of this effort from the absolute start.

The service allows for seamless charging in all ZSE charging stations in Slovakia and in networks of the EU roaming partners (operating Hubject and Virta, roaming platforms). The plans are set for three customer categories (charging requirements) and include also a monthly flat payment for unlimited charging.

The Operator has also launched a number of new tools for customer acquisition and relationship incl. new web platform ZSE Drive and a smart phone app for iOS and Android. With growing network of chargers (today some 50 sites) for long-distance and urban travellers, this step sets a new standard for the quality of the e-mobility services in the whole country.